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Besides patents, we deal with any other procedures regarding the industrial rights in Italy and abroad, with a network of correspondents covering the entire planet, consulting, where possible, other specialists with the client's approval.

In particular, we deal with:

Legal consultancy

IOur approach is based on greater involvement and responsibility for the client in the examination of the specific case subject of analysis, when regarding analysis and outlining the specific legal aspects in question, up to the summary that leads for determining implementation strategies.


As regards non-dispute industrial property, we usually analyse the issues raised by the client, initially analysing the approach depending on whether the issues of the company regarding the scope of operation thereof or whether it is an individual not operating professionally in the sector of reference of the invention, innovation of distinctive sign in question;

When dealing with a company, should the client not be directly or suitably aware of the Industrial Property organisations and be ready to undertake an approach that goes beyond the contingents of the immediate needs thereof, we carry out a company analysis in terms of the innovative collocation in the specific operating branch. In addition, we illustrate the approach deemed most suitable both for protective purposes of the innovation thereof or for non-infringement protection purposes as concerns third party innovations as well as priority search policies and strategies for starting and improving the protection by registering distinctive signs;

When dealing with an individual at the first approach with the industrial property in sectors different from the one the individual in question operates professionally, after illustrating the key points our first step is to warn the client as concerns the possibility - usually deemed the most unlikely by the client with respect to the reality - that the material or immaterial object to be subjected to industrial property protection fails to meet the relative law requirements. Without frustrating the client's expectations while simultaneously not exposing the same to unnecessary expenses, the next step is to analyse a protection strategy capable of attaining preliminary ascertainment, priority search and some form of protection according to the proposed budget. All this in compliance with the realistically attainable implementation perspectives and spread costs as much as possible to the point when they can be assessed more concretely if not change entirely.

In particular, we focus on transmitting, to the client, cognitive elements regarding factual and legal solutions/precautions with the aim of protecting the confidential information regarding know-how as well as confidential company information.

As concerns active dispute, our first step is to analyse the validity of the document we are requested to execute even through third parties when we are not in a position to do it (for example in cases where the granting process was not followed by us). We are always prudent in our approach, or rather we always strive to weigh indications and contraindications with the legal action efficiency needs, particularly with respect to possible precautionary actions required so as to attain the protection.

As concerns passive dispute, our first step is to analyse the opposed document as well as the client's actual in intention to counter the opposition or whether the client opts for an agreement. This occurs by also considering non-economic expenses regarding a dispute in terms of distraction of the production activity, problems related to the case as well as the extension of the dispute over time in cases where an agreement is not possible.

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Pietro Pedrini
Industrial property consultant,
agent accredited at EUIPO, IAPIP

Gianluca Benedetti
Lawyer, Industrial property consultant,
EUIPO, IAPIP, Association of Italian Patent Information Users (AIDB)

Mariachiara Pesturini
Lawyer, Industrial property consultant
trademark section, EUIPO, IAPIP
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